How to design a standard letterhead with Adobe Illustrator. Learn graphics design.

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Today I will tell you how to design a standalone notepad (letter-head) with Adobe Illustrator. Name, address, etc. We can say as an example that the doctor’s prescription. So that the doctor’s name, surname, address, then the patient’s name, all the information of the patient.

Today we will learn such a note paid (letter-head) design.

First of all, let’s talk about letterhead. Before making any design, you will want to know about it from Google. What is note paid (letter-head)? Google tells you that A4 Paper is a paid note (letter-head).

Letter-head size :

A4 Paper size is the correct size of the letter-head. Then open Photoshop and open a new document whose size will be A4 size. Then when you open the document, a white space will appear in it so that you can design the note-paid (letter-head).

I will say a little bit about the color, basically the not-paid (letter-head) tablet is white. It is better to have a lighter design. In my opinion, it is better to use more hot colors.

You can easily understand by looking at the post below. From here you can download countless letterhead templates for free.

I hope you can easily design notepad (letter-head) by watching the video. And if you follow these rules before designing any kind of notepad (letter-head), I think you can design notepad (letter-head) design. Can.

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I hope you have understood the note-paid (letter-head) design at least a little bit. If you make a mistake, please let me know.

Stay well. Pray that I can give you better topics in the future.

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